Scotty Gillespie




The world of TenderStem, is a world based around seeds and nature. Its citizens celebrate tenderness and how it relates to all of us. In this project I have created artifacts from this fictional world that embody themes’s of tenderness, nature, love and acceptance.


Tenderness rug, Hand made Latch hook rug, 150cm x 100cm

White Earthenware Tile set, Clear glaze over a black underglaze pencil.

White Earthenware vase, clear glaze over Yellow, red and pink under-glaze with black and pink under-glaze pencil.


We live in a world where the “others” are under constant threat from homophobia, racism and sexism. TenderStem a fictional world created where discrimination is non existent, a true counter culture to our own. Tender is joint with Stem which invokes the idea of nature and is similar sounding to the word fem.


Tenderstem Totem, hand built Laser cut wooden sculpture, emultion paint, 230cm x 35cm x 20cm

Idols. miniature ceramic idol charms, White Earthenware with clear glaze on top of a combination of under-glaze pencil and color, various sizes.


TenderStem Is a personal project of artefacts from my own fictional safe space for myself and the “others” in contemporary society to feel comfort, safe and a sense of belonging.

Illustrations © Scotty Gillespie 2019